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A Lovesome Thing

I spent a nice afternoon pottering in the garden and sitting out there with Matt, so let me tell you more about it... This is mostly a very long list, but the names are quite pleasing :-)

Of the things that were in my garden when I arrived here, I have kept:-

A sycamore tree, cos I kind of have to
One much pruned laurel bush
A wild rose which seems to be doing well now it's been dug out of the undergrowth
A much reduced amount of cotoneaster
A much smaller buddleia - down from a tree to a bush
Many Spanish bluebells, possibly too many but they're hard to get rid of
A lot of wild pink geraniums (but not nearly as much as there was)
Some lovely yellow Welsh poppies
A patch of lavender coloured crocuses that have been and gone
Some daffodils of some kind that failed to make any flowers this year
Wild Hypericum (St John's Wort), which Sandy has added to and transplanted to be all together
Some kind of lily
A decorative redcurrant (I think) which has planted itself from next door
Wild strawberries which can stay even if only the birds will eat them
Daisies in the lawn that I don't intend to kill
Dandelions that I want rid of but that may be hard
Docks, Fireweed etc, ditto
An assortment of ivy, some of which I want to encourage

I have created two wooden planters by the back door with herbs:-
Country cream oregano
Chamomile Treneague
Creeping Red Thyme
Bronze Fennel
French Marjorum
Pineapple Sage
Lemon Balm which I just have to plant
and in the beds there's Feverfew, Munstead Lavender, Rosemary Fota Blue, Purple Sage and Supermarket chives - which have lived in spite on being monumentally pot bound when planted

I filled two blue containers with De Caen mixed anemones and mixed Harlequin flower, Sparaxis tricolor which are both coming up

One very purple giant pot which I kind of regret getting in Lidl has three Fuschias called Angela and there are two more in the beds (do not ask me how they tell each other apart)

And in the beds are also:-

A Japanese Maple, just now coming back into leaf
Rocky Mix Violas which I got in the reduced section of Dobbies and which have done amazingly and have multiplied and are still flowering
Orange and Red cup daffodils from the bargain store which did well and have only just finished
Tulips - Red Riding Hood which is in flower and Black Parrot which are on the way
Ruby Giant Crocus which has been and gone
Cranesbill Geranium Pink Spice
Hardy Asiatic Lily in orange and red
Hebe Ruby Port
Lily of the Valley, under my tree where it's shady
Campanula Carpatica Blue
Clematis Montana Rubens
Clematis Marjorie
A random allegedly blue clematis from Lidl
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Bush Rose - allegedly red and very fragrant
A shrub rose called Simple Gold Harsymbol which may be drowning in bluebells if I'm not careful
Crocosmia Lucifer
Campanula carpatica blue
Some mixed pound store alliums which went in late
A Firecracker Azalea which isn't doing very well
Dutch Iris Sapphire Beauty
Peacock orchid Acidanthera
Gladiolus Pink
Liatris Spicata
Oxalis Deppei Iron Cross
A Passionflower from Morrison's called Purple Haze
Coreopsis Sunfire
Palemonium Jacobs Ladder
A purple hellebore from Sandy
A foxglove from Sandy
Some Marigolds and Nasturtiums I grew from seed are now planted out and the Marigolds are in bud

I also have cornflower, parsley, calendula, dianthus indoors grown from seed waiting to go out and a Morrison's Rosemary that may end up out front. Oh and a cutting of my neighbour's unidentified sweet smelling bush that may or may not take.
And I have two hydrangeas waiting to go in.

And I've probably missed something :-)
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Very impressive!

[personal profile] lovingboth 2016-05-08 08:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Given a chance Wild Strawberry can spread like mad. In London, a few seeds ended up with about 1/6 of the garden.
sfred: (daisy)

[personal profile] sfred 2016-05-09 09:21 am (UTC)(link)
That sounds lovely :-)