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purplerabbits ([personal profile] purplerabbits) wrote2015-12-27 04:01 pm

2015 in review

I'm not going to answer all those questions, because they're becoming less and less meaningful to me now. I don't have a song of the year any more, because I don't listen to enough new music. I don't have enough people 'close to me' for people to giving birth and dying. I am fatter and richer and more and more tired and alone.

Yeah, I shouldn't do this at all in December - it's all too dark.

But things did happen, and some of them were for the first time and some of them were plans I'd made and carried out. So. A list that will keep the "I did nothing" voice at bay...

I paid off my mortgage. I had a huge clear out. I got a flat on the market and sold a flat and found a flat and bought a flat. And it's flatter than before cos it's on the ground. That was a plan carried out.

I paid a gardener for the first time and we cleared the garden and planted things in the ground. I have my own bird feeder now.

I had double glazing fitted including a whole new door, that's a new thing.

I had central heating fitted and a whole new boiler. The flat on the ground is now warm.

I organised a BiCon team and the team ran a great BiCon with more people than usual. It was completely exhausting and I feel very disempowered and drained after it. I will not do it again. In fact it's a toss up whether I will do any bi 'activism' again including the things I am supposed to have to do. There is too much poison there for me to handle right now.

I made a lot more pottery and got somewhat better at it. I even sold some. I knitted a sweater that I made up the pattern for as I went along and people seem to like it.

I finished Nanowrimo for the first time. I wrote an ending to a novel even though the middle isn't complete yet. In the process I met a new writer's group which I will keep meeting.

I went to Less Wrong meet-ups but sadly all the people have moved away. I need to meet less successful rationalists. Or, er, something

I went to the Highlands, and Orkney for the day.

I saw new birds - all of them skuas.

I dealt with benefits and stayed alive and helped look after people and generally didn't suck.
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I like your version of 'this meme'. The light will soon improve and it will be lighter.

I saw the stages of clear outs throughout the year both in your old flat and the new one and how quickly you have worked to make newflat home and comfortable WARM and adapted more to your needs and yes not being in the sky is different and easier to get in and out of. You have nice shops and things near your new place and if possible are even nearer to Haymarket!

I'm still exhausted from the BiCon too, we survived but it was expensive on us personally. The team seem to think we did well enough which is useful but also reminds us why we're all so tired. Many extra people. Much challenging stuff and we didn't actually stab anyone, not even the ones who deserved it mightily... And we didn't stab ourselves in the head - even when we REALLY wanted to ;]

You continue to wrangle the utter twuntitude which is the DWP which I can provide you with academic citations of proof of trauma to survive if you really wanted (which you totes don't... but ...) You are surviving.

Birds are always good, I hope you have more of them in 2016 especially in your new bird feeder outside your groundflat window and lovely gardened garden of win. You longed for a garden for so long and now you haz one.

I might steal your idea for this meme and write my own. Not feeling very writy but they are useful incremental records in a way... Shall ponder my version.