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Project Controlled Descent: Report

Controlled Descent has been successfully achieved. I am here, living in a flat on the ground, and nothing has crashed, burnt up in the atmosphere or rained burning debris over Edinburgh. I call this a success

My new flat that is called Abbenay is shiny and lovely and makes me smile. Settling in was helped hugely by previous owners cleaning the place and leaving curtains and light shades, both of which are more than I did for my purchaser. They moved out a bit before I moved in, whereas I had to hand over keys on the same day I moved, which makes cleaning and stuff hard, but it still feels weird not doing it. I think its the first time I've not done it, either for getting deposits back or for selling the place.

First impressions of Abbenay:
  1. It's light enough, which was something I was concerned about in a ground floor flat. The windows are big so although it will be darker in winter when the sun doesn't make it over the surrounding buildings as much, it will hopefully not be too bad.
  2. It's cold. This may be helped by the unseasonable, but possibly the new normal, weather we've been having (I got caught by a really heavy hail storm just as I left Hybrasil for the last time, which may Mean Something.) But I also suspect it's due to no downstairs neighbours sending up heat, less direct sunlight getting in, and no double glazing. The last one I can at least do something about. See future updates about Project Abbenay Town Planning. Meanwhile My big snuggly dressing gown is seeing a lot of use.
  3. The kitchen is smaller than Hybrasil. That's mostly OK as mostly it's lost width, so it has as many cupboards and surfaces. It does mean though that two people can't work together there without getting irritable. 
  4. The kitchen cupboards are high in the sky. I can really only use the bottom shelf of all the wall cupboards without a stool. This is weird as well cos the counters are at me height and would surely be uncomfortable for anyone who could reach the top cupboards.
  5. The cooker and washing machine both seem to work, but the sparker on the cooker doesn't work which is a pain, and I can't find a battery compartment for it. It may be too old to have a battery...
  6. The windows don't really open at all. I have no strong desire to open then now though, and they will be replaced anyway.
  7. The bathroom is better than Hybrasil, right down to the loo, and the bath is good and big. The boiler however is of limited size, so I can't have a long bath and top it up. This makes getting a combi boiler, with or without gas central heating, more urgent :)
  8. The living room is a good size, but the fireplace is a pain in the bum, and between that and the two doors and two heaters the wall space is very limited. I am going to have to get rid of some furniture. There will probably be a future post about that too...
  9. The bedroom is big enough for a bed and computer and a ready in the window nook chair, which will leave the little bed/box room for crafts and bookcases.
  10. Yay!

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Happy new home!
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