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posted by [personal profile] purplerabbits at 05:01pm on 01/01/2015 under
1. Marmite - love or hate?
I like Marmite, but actually prefer vegemite these days as slightly milder and meatier . I adore Twiglets.

2. Marmalade - thick cut or thin cut?
Proper dark thick cut Oxford marmalade or bust

3. Porridge - made with milk or water?
I make mine with water and a splash of milk, with salt added in the cooking. The important thing is that it's proper Scottish-ly thick, not English gruel.

4. Do you like salt, sugar or honey on your porridge?
Sugar is OK, especially brown, but only if there is some salt as well. I also have a weakness for golden syrup, which dates back to my extreme childhood.

5. Loose tea or teabags?
Teabags for the most part unless I have company and special tea. Loose tea is a pain to clear up after.

6. Where on your door is your letterbox?
Waist height in the centre and horizontal as is proper.

7. What's your favourite curry?
Korma or Malayan or a home made mild dal. I'm a wuss about chilli.

8. What age is the place where you live?

9. Where do the folks running your local corner shop come from?

10. Instant or fresh coffee?
Instant fair trade at home. fancy Starbucks polluted muck when out

11. How far are you from the sea?
3 miles, if the Forth counts

12. Have you travelled via Eurostar?
Once, from London to Paris with mum

13. If you were going to travel abroad, where's the nearest country to you?
Probably Netherlands, though Denmark is not so far.

14. If you're female (or possible even some males) do you carry a handbag?
I have a bag that's a back pack as it's easier to manage with a stick.

15. Do you have a garden? What do you like growing?
There is a garden, not got round to growing yet. I used to grow herbs and tomatoes and generally useful things.

16. Full cream, semi skimmed or skimmed?

17. Which London terminal would you travel into if going to the capital?
Kings X, or Euston if doing the sleeper

18. Is there a local greasy spoon where you live?
This is Scotland, there's one every twenty metres

19. Do you keep Euros in the house?
I do still have some, though it's ages since Ive been to Europe or anywhere abroad

20. Does your home town have a Latin, Gaelic or Welsh alternative name?
Scottish Gaelic, Dùn Èideann or Dunedin

21. Do you have a well known local artist or author?
This is Edinburgh, we have several :-) The closest to me is my mate Charlie...

22. Do you have a favourite Corrie character?
Not even a bit. My mum watched it and I swore after leaving home never again.

23. Are your kitchen sink taps separate or a mixer?

24. Do you have a favourite brand of blended tea?
I drink Chai or Earl Grey rather than 'proper' tea. Tesco's finest or Twinings.

25. What's in your attic if you have one?
On the ground floor now so no attic.

26. If you go out for a cream tea, what jam do you like on your scone?
Apricot, but I don't really do cream teas

27. Talking of scones- scon or scown? Jam or cream first?
Scon. Cream last if at all

28. Barth or bath?

29. Carstle or castle?

30. What flavour of crisps do you favour?
Salted or salt and pepper. Some beef flavours are good too.

31. If you go to the chippie, what do you like with your chips?
Salt and vinegar, with ketchup for dipping but not on them.

32. Take away, take out or carry out?

33. If you have one, what colour is your wheelie bin?
We have big black on street bins

34. What colour skips does your local skip hire use?
Skips are yellow, aren't they?

35. Do you celebrate Guy Fawkes?
We get plenty or fireworks in Edinburgh almost year round, so haven't done the 5th November in a while. Also cos I celebrate Samhain on the 31st October...

36. Dettol or TCP?
As a child it was Dettol. Now neither.

37. Do you have a bidet in the bathroom?
No and there's no room for one

38. Do you prefer courgettes or aubergines?
Courgettes. Aubergine is OK in some dishes, but harder to make edible

39. In the 'real world' Do you have friends of other nationalities? Which nationalities?
Yes, fewer than I did cos I have fewer friends I see regularly than I did. New Zealanders and Irish predominantly.

40. Do you have a holy book of any sort in the house?
There is a King James Bible for reference. I have Rationality from AI to Zombies on my phone, more to the point.

41. Do you prefer a hankie or tissues?

42. Are you a fan of crumpets? What do you like on them?
Yes. Butter with more butter and maybe honey. It can get messy.

43. Doorbell, knocker or both?
Intercom buzzer cos it's a tenement flat

44. Do you own a car? What sort?

45. What sort of pants do you guys prefer? Y fronts or boxers?

46. Anyone still a fan of suspenders?
On other people I guess, though hold up are sexier. On me, not a chance.

47. Do you have a favourite quote from the bard?
The forms of things unknown, the poet’s pen
Turns them to shapes and gives to airy nothing
A local habitation and a name.

48. Do you like toasted muffins?
Not specially, but anything that can act as a substrate for butter is OK.

49. Do you think a traditional trifle should contain jelly?
Yes, and more importantly there should be detectable sherry.

50. Do you attend regular religious worship? Of what kind?
No. But I mark the seasons and would love to attend a secular solstice.
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